Day 1

I have decided to transform my lifestyle of eating.  To help me, I have selected to follow the South Beach Diet.  For the next two weeks I will do Phase 1.  I chose the South Beach Diet because, while there are components that are temporary like a diet (like the 2 weeks of Phase 1), overall the South Beach Diet is a way of life.

Today, for breakfast I had a two egg omelet with red peppers and mushrooms over a bed of spinach.  It was rather tasty.

For my mid-morning shummusnack, I made hummus.  I used a can of Ziyad Chick Peas and followed the recipe (with the exception of tahini) to make hummus.

For lunch I made Cajun Shrimp Lettuce Wrap Sandwiches.  I used some leftover shrimp that I sauteed last week.


And for dinner, the girls wanted tacos, so I made ground chicken tacos.  Recently I discovered that my mini food processor can quickly turn chicken breasts into ground chicken.  I used this simple recipe to make the seasoning.  I put the chicken taco on top of a bed of spinach leaves, added some tomatoes and salsa verde.


Overall, I am craving some carbs – crackers, chips, and bread.  These 2 weeks are going to be a challenge.


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