Day 2…Snacks


One thing I’m reminded about, as I am doing the South Beach Diet again, is the need to snack.  It is important to proactively snack throughout the day – to eat something before you are actually hungry.  Yesterday, I waited too long to have my afternoon snack and I was famished. Today, I want to do better.

Here are some snacks that I need to put on my list – I particularly like the shrimp cocktail.  From this list, I am excited about the upcoming fresh tomato season.  By the way, Kalyn’s page, Kalyn’s Kitchen, is a great resource.

What snacks do you eat?

Meal Recap…

shrimplettucewrapwhummusFor breakfast, I had another omelette with spinach, yellow pepper and mushrooms.  My mid-morning snack was a handful of nuts. Lunch was a repeat of lettuce wrapped shrimp sandwiches, this time with hummus and tomatoes.

Speaking of shrimp, have you ever visited a shrimp farm?  I recently visited the RDM Shrimp farm in Fowler, Indiana.  It was very interesting seeing how shrimp are raised.  While they were the freshest shrimp I bought – they were alive when I bought them – the flavor doesn’t compare to Royal Reds.  If you ever get down to the Gulf Shores, be sure to pick up a pound.

For dinner…let’s just say social outings can wreck a Phase 1 food plan.  I attended an outing at Angie’s Pizza.  It was my first time visiting and it will not be my last.  Great pizza.  I need to technically start over with Phase 1.


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