Day 3

I can feel the carb cravings!  I want to stuff my face with bread, crackers, and POTATO CHIPS!  I keep having to remind myself to stay disciplined.

Breakfast was the usual omelette.  I need to start thinking about adding variety to my breakfast.

For lunch, I turned to Mark Bittman.   I made modificationschickenstirfry to his Ginger Chicken Stirfry (via Karlyn’s Kitchen) –  using garlic (no ginger on hand) and his sauce.  It worked but I know it would have tasted better over rice.  I substituted the rice for a bed of fresh spinach and paired it with some quick stirfry broccoli.

chickenkoftakabobsMid-afternoon snack was a handful of nuts.

For dinner, I wanted to try my hand at making a Middle Eastern dish.  I really like eating at Al Bawadi Grill in Brideview and Oasis Cafe in the loop. With a craving for some kefta/kofta kabobs and with ground chicken and fresh parsley in the fridge, I chose to try this recipe.  Don’t judge…I understand that Rachel Ray may not be a culinary expert, but it was a simple recipe and I needed something quick.  I plated the kabobs with hummus, tomatoes, cucumber and had a side salad. Pretty tasty – I will definitely make the kabobs again.


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