What’s for Breakfast if you Do NOT Like Eggs?

To do Sspinachomeletteouth Beach successfully, you need to master healthy breakfasts.  I keep hearing that breakfast is the most important meal of the day.  Personally, breakfast isn’t that difficult for me because my favorite breakfast dishes are basically lunch/dinner dishes.  I prefer leftovers to pancakes, miso soup with fish to waffles, steel cut oatmeal mixed with daal to a bowl of Frosted Flakes.

Here is a sample of the spinach and pepper omelette that I have been eating all week long.  Today, I added some asparagus and ham.  To top this off, I add salsa.  While I know the omelettes will become boring, I am able to add variety by choosing different vegetables and different sauces.  (Tomorrow, I am going to try a jerk style omelette.)

But what do you do for breakfast if you do not like eggs and you do not want to eat lunch/dinner? Thoughts?

Meal recap…

Breakfast was the omelette above.shrimphummus

Lunch was grilled shrimp, hummus, and veggies.  I bought some Trader Joe’s hummus last night – “good plain hummus.”  I also added some tomato and cucumber slices and sprinkled on some chives and mint from my herb garden.  Speaking of herb gardens, can anyone help me with my basil plants?  This year’s batch has not performed well.

Dinner was leftovers…some roasted chicken and the stirfry.

For snack, I had Greek yogurt – rather tasty.


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