Eating out…

Following Phase 1 of the South Beach Diet is a lot easier when you are at home.  southbeachdietdiningguideBut what do you do when you are out of the house?  What restaurants do you go to?  What do you order?  Please comment with suggestions.

For breakfast, I had a mushroom and pepper omelette topped with salsa.

For lunch, had miso soup again.  This time I added some chopped up chicken burger to the soup.

For dinner, this is where I struggled…The family walked to this great new park in the city – Maggie Daley Park.  We spent more time that originally planned at the park and everyone was getting hungry.  I thought Mediterranean food would be a good pick.  Falafel Island was within walking distance.  I had a chicken kabob sandwich made with marinated and grilled chicken breast.  It was served in a pita bread so I was able to just use a fork to eat the chicken and Jerusalem salad topping.

Later at home, I got hungry and made some lemon pepper pork chops.  I need to go back to the store to buy some salsa verde – so I can make green chile pork stew – and more miso.





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