Sticking to Phase 1 of the South Beach Diet has been extremely difficult. And since the goal of me deciding to do this diet is to create a lifestyle change, I am doing my best to stick with it.

Usual OmeletteBreakfast has been the easiest part for me. As long as I have the vegetables readily available, and most importantly, the time set aside to preparing, I feel that I have mastered the Phase 1 breakfast.

Snacks continue to be my Achilles heel.  I am typically eating nuts, sliced tomatoes, pickles, cheese sticks, and yogurt sweetened with Splenda.  The carb cravings hit strongest after lunch and after dinner.  I drank a diet pop and, right now, I am waiting for my sugar-free jello to set.

What do you do to take your mind off of the cravings?

Today’s breakfast was a pepper, mushroom and asparagus omelette topped with salsa.

Lunch was a medley of raw vegetables, a chicken patty and hummus.  I added somChicken patty w hummus and vegetable medleye pickles and olives to try to subdue my salty cravings…

Pork Souvlaki

Dinner was pork souvlaki lettuce wraps with mint tzatziki sauce and sauteed asparagus.  I need to get my grill back into commission, but I tried to brown the pork cubes as best as I could.  Sorry I forgot to take a pic of the actual wrap.  I don’t know why the Greek/Mediterranean focus but the dishes are coming out pretty tasty.asparagus



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